20 July 2017

Solar Light Project in Ghana

The Goal Zero company that manufactures many types of solar powered materials, shows through this video some of the work that they have done with roof-top Solar Panels in Ghana.  A wonderful empowerment project!

19 July 2017

2018 Health Mission to Kenya Scheduled

February 21 - March 6, 2018
Kenya – $3800 (all inclusive except for shopping for souvenirs)

What:  Rural medical clinics. 

Description:   first day will be for organization, meeting with the in-country mission team,
and getting briefed on the areas of service. There will be two
days of cultural immersion by doing a typical African photo safari,
enjoying some of the local landmarks, and bonding with  team

Team members needed: Both non-medically trained as well as medical
skills are needed for a successful mission.

Payment Schedule:   $1500 initial deposit upon decision to join the group in order to secure  optimal flight rate, balance to be paid upon notification of payment schedule

Documentation:  Current passport copy photo page (if not on file as a previous team member)
A visa will be required -information will be sent to participants in the mission.

Questions or concerns, Contact Beverly Danielle at missionbev@gmail.com

Please prayerfully consider the awesome opportunity to serve in this mission.


08 July 2017

Belize Welcomes UMVIM Teams

Health Related Teams Welcome in Belize
(English is spoken there)

For more information or to schedule an UMVIM mission journey,
please contact the U.M. Global Missionaries in the region, Rev. Jamie and Lisa Williams at

Our objectives of UMVIM in Belize:
  • To build, maintain and support the schools and churches associated with the MCCA of Belize
  • To support the evangelism, outreach and spiritual formation for the Belize MCCA as well as to encourage general overall well being for Belizeans both a part of the MCCA as well as those outside of the fold of the MCCA.
  • To provide opportunities for cultural interaction between Belizeans and individuals from the USA.
  • To provide medical care (Ophthalmic, dental and general medical services) primarily in underserved areas of Belize

03 July 2017

Outgoing Executive UMVIM-SEJ Director Retires

(Copied from the SEJ-UMVIM website)

It's difficult to think that I will no longer be working in the UMVIM, SEJ office - a place to which I love coming and to work that I love doing. As I walked through the office Friday, my last day before retirement, so many thoughts and memories came to me. I thought of the many places I have traveled and the people I have met. How do I thank them for their hospitality and friendship?

I thought about the pioneers of UMVIM who gave so much to make this grassroots movement an organized ministry of the United Methodist Church. How do I thank them for their efforts in creating a way for hundreds of thousands to serve God by serving others?

I thought about those involved in UMVIM before me but especially those who served as the Executive Director for UMVIM, SEJ. How do I thank them for the foundation they built that has allowed me to engage in a ministry that I love and am so passionate about?

I thought about all the UMVIM, SEJ board members who have provided vision and oversight to continue the work of this ministry. I especially thought of each board member who has served since I became Executive Director. How do I thank them for their support and encouragement?

I thought about the Conference UMVIM Coordinators who with little or no pay offer assistant and guidance to their local churches and team leaders. How do I thank them for the leadership they have provided their annual conferences?

I thought about our partner church and project leaders and the struggles and hardships they face daily. How do I thank them for hosting the countless volunteers that they house and feed?

I thought about team leaders who agreed to accept the responsibility and challenge of preparing their teams to serve. How do I thank them for providing the vital connection between their team, the host, and UMVIM?

I thought about the volunteers who God has called to use their gifts, talents, and resources in serving a broken, hurting world. How do I thank them for the sacrifices they have made to be able to go and serve?

I thought about those UMVIM, SEJ employees who willingly worked for less pay and benefits then they would have received somewhere else. How do I thank them for the dedication and integrity with which they preformed their jobs?

I thought about God and the ultimate sacrifice that He made for me and for all of us. How do I thank Him for all He has done?

Thank you - these words are not enough to express the appreciation I feel. These words from Colossians 2:7 hopefully express my feelings better: "Rooted and built up in Christ, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness". Yes, I am overflowing with thankfulness for UMVIM!

Paulette West, 
Outgoing Executive Director.

30 June 2017

United Methodist Global Health Program Reaches Refugees

Promoting health is about more than physical treatment.  It involves food security, a safe place to live, human rights, and empowering the disadvantaged among us.

19 June 2017

Poetic Musing on Distribution of World's Resources

                                                                Terse Reverse

The corpulence of opulence is very sad indeed
For it constitutes additions where there is little need
The gravity of scarcity, I think, is much worse still
Because it breeds resentment and weakening of the will.

But younger lives that hunger in some lands wrecked with distress,
Revoke all other horror, save for our helplessness.
If poor could switch with rich ones, be opulent instead,
The "haves" would all be slender, There'd be less children dead.

Such dreams just weave simplistic solutions for a cure,
An ineffective measure for care that must endure.

By Jane Dunn

17 June 2017

UMVIM, SEJ Assistant Director Named

Gray Miller now serves as the UMVIM, SEJ Assistant Director.  As the Assistant Director, Gray will assume more administrative duties for the ministry including team registrations.  She would also assume the position of interim Director if needed.  One of the major reasons that Gray enjoys working at UMVIM, SEJ is the connectional nature
of the United Methodist Church. To read more, click here.