09 April 2009


In developing countries, an estimated 60 million women give birth with the help an untrained birth attendant or family member. Without the basic, sanitary tools for delivery, newborns can develop a Tetanus infection, the leading cause of infant mortality.
To reduce this risk, UMCOR’s list of relief supplies now includes a birthing kit to aid attendants in conducting clean and safe deliveries. The birthing kit costs about $8 to assemble and contains basic yet essential items such as soap, latex gloves, plastic sheeting to receive the baby, string and a clean razor blade to cut and tie the umbilical cord, two receiving blankets and a zip lock bag.
Observe World Health Day (April 7) this week by supporting this new birthing kit initiative and promoting safe and healthy deliveries. Download the birthing kit instructions now or give to Material Resources, UMCOR Advance #901440. to purchase its contents.

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