05 June 2009

Suggested Formulary: Surgical Teams

Derived from Presentation by Curt Johnson at May RxConnexion Meeting

Acetominophen with codeine, Fentanyl injection, Ketorolac injection, Morphine or Hydromorphone injection

Anesthetics and related products:
Bupivacaine (also for spinal use), Isoflurane or other inhaled anesthetic agents, Ketamine, Lidocaine, lidocaine with epinephrine, Midazolam, Propofol, Succinylcholine, Vecuronium

Cefazolin injection, Ceftriaxone injection, Gentamicin injection, Vancomycin injection

Atropine, Dexamethasone injection, Glycopyrolate, Neostigmine, Naloxone, Ondansetron injection, Sterile water for injection and sterile normal saline for injection, Viscous lidocaine

Anesthesia providers should prepare an individualized kit containing emergency medications or other products that may be required in specific anesthesia circumstances.

Note: This suggested formulary is for planning purposes only and should be modified according to the anticipated needs in the field and the prescribing preferences of team members.

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