13 July 2009

Global Health Delivery Project: A New Resource

Hello Readers!
During my roaming of the internet, I discovered a resource, Global Health Delivery Project, that many health professionals may find helpful.  Many distinguished world organizations involved in global health are connected.  The site offers up-to-date papers on a wide range of global health topics.  There is also an on-line discussion forum.  Much of the focus is on TB and HIV. You may check out the link by going to http:www.ghdonline.org/ .  Also a training curriculum on the topic of Mother/Child Transmission of HIV produced by the CDC may be downloaded by clicking here.

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  1. Global Health Delivery is another spark that is catching fire fast. This surrounds ways of delivering healthcare to neediest population in our world.

    An interesting thing I found was a formal course to educate people about global health delivery. It seems that the scope is getting wider everyday for this responsible and sustainable stream.