07 October 2009

New Reference Books for Global Health Teams

The third edition of the Handbook of Medicine in Developing Countries covers more diseases than previous editions, has the latest treatment recommendations, includes 16 pages of color pictures of common dermatological diseases, and the publishers claim it is easier to use. If you are planning to go on a mission trip, but have never worked overseas, this book is absolutely essential. Browse through it before you travel to prepare yourself for many of the common diseases and problems you will see. It will be as important to you as your airline tickets! Paperback with plastic coil binding. The book is available from The Christian Medical and Dental Asssociations, PO Box 7500, Bristol, TN 37621. Or you can click on the book title, above.

For those interested in establishing community based health activities, the new U.S. version of Ted Lankester's book, Setting up Community Health Programmes is now available from the Hesperian Foundation web-site at http://www.hesperian.org/.

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