21 May 2010

Global Health Delivery Online Offers Discussion Briefs

A new resource for members has been initiated, the GHDonline Discussion Briefs. Discussion Briefs are available from the home page of each community and offer executive summaries with checklists and key references in an easy-to-use format for an expanding selection of discussions. From vendor recommendations to lessons learned in the field, they recap what you need to know on specific delivery challenges as discussed by members, provide references to related content and are updated on a regular basis so visit your communities today!

In partner news, we are delighted to join forces with PATH on a USAID-funded initiative to support tuberculosis control in high-burden countries in an effort to increase the reach and depth of collaboration in the MDR-TB Treatment & Prevention and TB Infection Control communities. Please take a minute to discover the critical issues at hand in both communities, and join a discussion on implementing the WHO Policy on TB Infection Control in Health-Care Facilities, Congregate Settings and Households.

GHDonline is where health care implementers share proven practices, connect with colleagues, and find resources they need to improve health outcomes in resource-limited settings.

For more information or to join GDH go to their website

P.S. Following the Health IT for Disaster Relief and Rebuilding: Lessons from post-earthquake Haiti Expert Panel Discussion (more than 30 replies so far and it's not too late to participate!) please share your thoughts on future GHDonline events in this short survey. Thank you!

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