05 May 2010

Summary from March 2010 Senegal Mission Newsletter

Keep in touch with Senegal interests by using the internet contacts below:
1. New website for Senegal Mission is www.senegalumc.com .
2. New e-mail for Senegal consultant, Tony Fuller is senegal-tony@gmail.com .
3. New blog started by missionary Rev. Paul Messer is http://revpaulmesser.wordpress.com .

2010 Senegal Consultation Planned
Place:  Roscoe United Methodist Church, Roscoe, IL (10 minutes south of IL/WI border on I 90/39)
Date: November 12-13, 2010 - registration details to be finalized after May 11, 2010
Speakers to include missionaries Paul and Kittie Messer, a Senegalese pastor, Patrick Friday and Dr. Carol Meynen.

Senegal Mission Physician takes a break
Dr. Bashir has returned to his native Ghana to visit family and friends during the month of May.

Senegal Trips Planned for 2011
Dr. Carol Meynen will return in summer 2010 to participate in the third phase of the health education program for 13 community health workers.

Pastor Paul Armstrong is planning to lead a medical team in January, 2011 that will work with Dr. Bashir in clinics in villages around Dakar. Recruitment and planning meetings are currently underway.

A Young adult trip designed for interaction between Senegalese and Americans will be led by Pastor Jeff of Neenah, Wi. in late December to early January, 2011.

Others interested in going to Senegal should contact Tony Fuller at the e-mail above.

Partnership Program
In addition to church partnerships, now individuals may opt to become Senegal Mission Partners. An individual full partnership is $900.  So far, two persons have enrolled.  To become a partner, a Senegal United methodist Church Funds Transmittal Form must be completed.  To acquire the form, please contact Tony Fuller, Senegal Consultant at senegal-tony@gmail.com .

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