01 March 2011

Global Health Delivery Online: A Resource for Health Volunteers!

 GHDonline is delighted to announce the following: 

New Community: Endemic Non-Communicable Diseases 
We are pleased to launch the Endemic Non-Communicable Diseases community, a platform to discuss the delivery of care for NCDs endemic to low-income populations, in conjunction with the “The Long Tail of Global Health Equity: Tackling the Endemic Non-Communicable Diseases of the Bottom Billion” conference taking place at Harvard Medical School on March 2-3. 

We are working with Dr. Gene Bukhman, a physician in Rwanda with Partners In Health (one of our founding collaborators), to line up partners and moderators to guide the new community. Today, many agree that treating NCDs in resource-poor countries must be a global health priority. We invite you to join the community now to share your opinion on the importance of this issue, to introduce your work, and to connect with conference participants and colleagues around the globe. Please contact us if you'd like to work with us and lead the community. On March 2-3, we encourage you to follow the conference on the web and post your comments in the community. 

Upcoming Expert Panels
GHDonline's HIV Prevention Community is partnering with MGH's HOPE Conference to host a week-long discussion March 7-11 around "PrEP: A Novel Approach to Prevention."Panelists from Uganda, South Africa and the United States will discuss barriers and facilitators to implementing PrEP in clinical settings, how to encourage long-term adherence and what additional research questions need to be answered.

In partnership with the University of British Columbia's Branch for International Surgery, from March 28 to April 1 GHDonline's Global Surgery & Anesthesia Community will discuss "Building sustainable partnerships to strengthen surgical and anesthesia capacity in resource-poor settings." Panelists from Uganda, Canada and the United States will lead discussions around topics, such as what characterizes strong, egalitarian academic surgery and anesthesia partnerships? And what outcomes could be measured to evaluate the quality and sustainability of these partnerships? Make sure you have either per post or daily notifications so you can stay updated on these discussions. 

New Discussion Brief
Our latest peer-reviewed Discussion Brief, published in the MDR-TB Treatment & Prevention Community, deals with reporting sputum conversion rates for MDR-TB monitoring.  Click here for 20+ Discussion Briefs we have published and information on how to get involved in creating them. 

In The Communities
This month members are engaged in discussions on male circumcision scale-up in Rwanda, Medication Events Monitoring Systems for adherence, diagnosing malaria, and more. Here's a selection of discussions from GHDonline communities:

[Adherence & Retention] 
Medication Events Monitoring Systems for adherence monitoring in resource poor settings

[Global Health Nursing & Midwifery] 
Nurse training volunteer opportunities

[Global Surgery & Anesthesia]
Models for sustainable collaboration between US and low-income surgical centers

[Health IT]
SMS reporting of lab results

[HIV Prevention]
Male circumcision scale-up in Rwanda with new technology

[MDR-TB Treatment & Prevention]
Possible reason for Cat-1 new cases recognized as MDR-TB

[Malaria Treatment & Prevention]
Diagnosing malaria in primary care

[TB Infection Control]
Problems with UVGI in high burden settings

GHDonline wants to hear from you! If you would like to participate in a user feedback session with the team or have any suggestions for improvement, please contact us at ghdonline@globalhealthdelivery.org.

We look forward to seeing you in the communities! 

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GHDonline is where health care implementers share proven practices, connect with colleagues, and find resources they need to improve health outcomes in resource-limited settings. 

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