21 April 2011

Senegal Community Health Training Continues

APRIL 11-15, 2011 
Thies, Senegal

All participants arrived in time for dinner the evening before the course started. The training began on the 11th and followed the syllabus, with some revisions, from the previous class that was taught by an UMVIM Team from the North Central Jurisdiction.

 The students were encouraged to return-demonstrate skills that were learned in the previous day’s classes.  The group performed th├Ęse activities very well.

Two of the students from the first class, Astou Samb and Mamadou Ciss came to exchange ideas and share their experiences with the new group. Their coming motivated the new class  to learn and practice hard.

The learning activities of SODIS, Pit latrine and Tippy Tap generated much interest.  One of the challenges that the Community Health Workers Face is criticism by the community for being false nurses.  This was another serious topic of discussion.

    At the end, a drama was performed about snake bite using traditional healing practices whereby a traditional healer spits on the affected area with incantations and puts red, white and black threads around the bitten part to drive away evil spirits. Sometimes, it works but more often than not, many people die as a result of the venom.  This method was contrasted with a conventional medical approach where anti-venonm injections are given.

The students were very happy to go home with their kits which contained basic medicines and as well as their certificates. The next training will be from the 13th—17th of June 2011. They gave a vote of thanks saying, they are grateful for this training that is changing their lives.

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