01 May 2011

Request for Trained Early Responders from Rev. Matt Lacey

North Alabama Conference:

North Alabama invites UMCOR Emergency Response Trained [ERT}. If you have been ERT trained, here are the criteria which we are asking you to follow:

Team leaders MUST have a valid UMCOR ERT badge in the last 3 years. Team members must have a valid conference or UMCOR ERT badge in the last 5 years. To volunteer, please visit this site to register.

We are taking these criteria very seriously due to the nature of the damage of these storms. Please remember that we are a connectional system, and are going through the proper channels to insure everyone's safety and well-being

If your church wants to give an offering, please give through UMCOR's website or making a check out to the North Alabama Conference labeled with the Advance number 3021326.

I encourage you to follow the conference website, or find North Alabama missions on Facebook

This is a trying time for many, and we are called to, with God at our side, help  to heal a hurting world. We will release any further information as we receive it. God Bless.

Rev. Matt Lacey, Director of Mission and Advocacy, North Alabama Conference


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