26 May 2011

Solar Cookers Recognized!

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Gets It!!SCI logo (b&w) 2
So does the new Global Ambassador for the Alliance for Clean Cookstoves Julia Roberts!
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They know that for nearly half of the world’s population, cooking at home is dangerous. They are aware that some 3 billion people cook their food on dirty stoves or over open fires. These two influential women know this is one of the most serious health risks in the developing world and a profound threat to our collective environment.

Women bend over these smoky fires in poorly ventilated spaces every day, inhaling the toxic fumes which can produce a mix of chemicals that reach 200 times the level that the EPA considers safe to breathe. Consequences for these women can be lung cancer, pneumonia, cataracts, low birth weight, and even death.

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Solar cooking is a critical part of solving this problem.

The global solar cooking movement has some work to do. At this time, solar cooking is not considered viable to be a full participant with the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.

Solar Cookers International is poised to do the work to be at the table.

Solar Cookers International is working to lead a Solar Plus Coalition of global solar cooking organizations to complete a world wide Kitchen Practice Test to meet standards for clean cook technologies. This is a step toward critical inclusion in the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.

Solar Cookers International is mobilizing and streamlining the Solar Cooker World Network. This untapped resource of world wide solar cooking manufacturers, promoters and NGO’s need to be drawn together and organized to exchange data, set standards within larger industry standards and commit to on-going testing, map capacity and scale up capability world wide, and use the global experience of solar cooking projects to advocate with one voice.

Solar Cookers International is writing research and development grants to engage with Universities and other non-governmental organizations in the clean cook stove industry, to commit to an improved, low cost, durable solar cooker that lasts 5 years and reduces the number of required plastic bags.

Solar Cookers International does not want to miss this opportunity. The world’s attention is focused on the very reason SCI exists to address.

 Cookers International gets it. We understand the direction and work we need to do and we are ready to go there. With your help, we can.
To support Solar Cookers and make a donation go to solarcookers.org/support/donations or send a check addressed to Solar Cookers International, 1919 21st Street #101 • Sacramento, CA 95811.  To speak with a representative call +1(916) 455-4499

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