16 June 2011

A Glimpse of UMCOR Health Related Projects

Kamina Project, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa

The Kamina ministry in the Democratic Republic of Congo uses an integrated development model. This approach strategically links UMCOR health, agriculture and nutrition, and water and sanitation programs with NGO programs.

Thirty community health workers were identified through the Kamina Health Center community volunteer initiative. They were organized and given orientation on the benefits of agriculture and water and sanitation programs, as well as basic hygiene programs.

Community health workers are learning integrated crop and pest management practices. They have organized themselves to develop a group farm and plan to expand it each year. The community health workers will be further trained in household water filtration units that can be locally manufactured to provide income generation in addition to clean water. Cisterns or borehole wells will also be dug in communities in the future.

The overall, multi-year integrated program is expected to include improved food security and nutrition through sustainable agricultural techniques, livelihood opportunities through increased food production and water
filtration production, and better health through appropriate water and sanitation systems.

Latin America/Caribbean:
Honduras, Mariposa Project in Talanga  

This relatively new initiative will expand and integrate existing local ministries. A partnership with the United Methodist Mission in Honduras, this project has a goal to empower single mothers through education, vocational and trade training, health services, and cultural, community, and economic development. The project will be implemented by the local community with support from mission staff and with assistance from existing governmental institutions. Church members will be heavily involved, along with missionary oversight.

Reprinted from "ConnectNMission Newsletter"

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