7 June 2011

The first team of the summer arrived Saturday.  Kathie Mann brought a team from Tomball UMC in Tomball, TX which is close to Houston.  There are 11 members and we are so grateful for their coming.  They will work on the staff flats, paint the outside of the Medical Ward and build an AIDS Orphans home.  They have brought us needed medical supplies, a suitcase of sutures, and we are can only thank God for their presence.  Kathie Mann has been coming to MMH along with coordinating, training and overseeing all mission work teams that come to Maua Methodist Hospital since 1999.  Kathie has done so much for the hospital that we could never thank her enough.  The teams have changed the face of MMH and done so much for the community.  We thank God for Kathie and her incredible team from Tomball.
Donna and Dr. Roger Boe
  At the very end of April Dr. Roger Boe and his wife, Donna, came to Maua.  Dr. Boe is a Pediatrician and a friend we met at Individual Volunteer Training in Missouri in 2005.  He has been a great help to the hospital, especially with his ability to do training and education for our Medical Interns, nursing and clinical staff.  His lovely wife comes with so much experience as a state legislator in Idaho, the mayor of Pocatello along with being on numerous Boards and Committee of the Global Missions.  Dr. Boe worked for the Global Ministries at one time and both are committed to mission and caring for the least around the world.  What a joy and blessing they have been to MMH and to Bill and me personally.

About two months ago, Linet Wanja came to my office to share with me the fact that she was 7 months pregnant.  She did not look pregnant at all so it was a surprise.  She was excited about her pregnancy and hoping for a baby girl.  Friday night June 3rd  at around 6pm Linet delivered a healthy baby boy, 6.2 pounds, who she has named William after Bill.  She has been able to find a close friend/distant relative who is an adult that is willing to take care of her and William.  For this we are praising God as in the past she has had primary school girls that helped her in the evening and night and went to school during the day.
Bill, Linet and William

Precious William
Linet will be on maternity leave for the next three months and then will resume her work here at Maua Methodist Hospital as a Customer Care representative.   She is very well liked at the hospital and has many friends.  She can certainly hold William and is breastfeeding him well.  As a single mom, she definitely needs your prayers as she raises this precious baby boy.
“Sometimes we’re strong, sometimes we’re weak, sometimes we’re hurt and it cuts deep.  We live this life, breath to breath, we’re all the same; we all bleed red.”
Linet has complete faith that God will take care of her son and herself and her two other sons when the orphanage releases them to her in 2013.  Who am I to think I know better when I have been working hard on trusting God more.  One of my favorite scriptures is Proverbs 3: 4 & 5  “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, never rely on what you think you know.  In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your path straight.”  We all live our lives differently but we all bleed red!

In His grip,
"I sought to hear the voice of God
And climbed the topmost steeple.
But God declared: Go down again,
I dwell among my people."
Louis I. Newman THE VOICE OF GOD

Jerri & Bill Savuto
Maua Methodist Hospital