19 July 2011

Aid for East Africa Drought Crisis

UMCOR is advising against UMVIM teams entering the drought area in East Africa (Kenya/Somalia) at this time.  Melissa Crutchfield, Assistant General Secretary, International Disaster Response offers the following comment regarding the United Methodist response at the time.

"UMCOR is working through partners in Somalia to address the drought crisis. We have worked with/through the Methodist Church in Kenya (MCK) and the East Africa Annual Conference of UMC in Kenya in the past for numerous relief efforts.  I would strongly advise against any UMVIM teams going to this particular area right now in response to the refugee crisis. I do not think it is appropriate in this circumstance to facilitate UMVIM teams going over at this time. We will continue to work with local partners.


Assistant General Secretary, International Disaster Response
United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)

Note-July 22nd: the United Methodist News Service (UMNS) reported that "....UMCOR is planning with partner organizations a regional response to the growing famine provoked by the severe drought in the Horn of AfrIca.  The affected Countries incLude Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti".

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