09 August 2011

Community Health Excerpts from Dickriedes' Mission Report

Rev. Kathy and Dr. Danny Dickriede were able to host two UMVIM teams at the Camphor Mission Station. 

Team 1 consisted of 10 people from Gay Street, Mt. Vernon, Mentor UMC, Main Street Mansfield and one from the Peoria UMC in IGRC.  June 25-July 10, 2011

Clinic:  painted Maternal Child Heath Ward, participated in Traditional Birth Attendant training and taught about a water filter system, delivered a baby and participated in a second complicated delivery, traveled with vaccination team for National Polio vaccination campaign. 5 people donated blood to save the life of a local village woman who underwent surgery at the government hospital after laboring in the village and being carried into the Camphor clinic on a hammock with a ruptured uterus.

 Mission:  whole staff team building workshop, unloaded 20 foot container

 Team 2 consisted of 6 people from Mentor UMC, Solon UMC, and Faith UMC, North Canton.  July 10-July 25, 2011

Clinic:  Tiled the OB and Maternal Health Ward, hung baby scale, visited a newborn baby

Guesthouse:  experimented with solar panels, organized a safe and lock box, secured guesthouse, organized interior and exterior clotheslines

The team also visited LAC, the surrounding villages at Camphor and Jordan’s water wells, Buchanan, Annual Conference devotions with Bishop Innis, experienced a boat ride to the chimpanzees in Marshall, and traveled all over Monrovia; West Point, Waterside, Golden Beach, and more. 

Harrisburg St. John UMC, Farmer to Farmer Ministry  Team 2 visited the area where the Farmer to Farmer Ministry intends to send a 20 foot container of agricultural tools.  The team was able see the St. John UMC and the repairs needed on the church building.  We were able to visit the destroyed hydroelectric dam.  We also met Theo Bass and the community members at their monthly development meeting.

Mentor UMC 20 foot container arrived  When we arrived at Camphor Mission on Sunday, June 26 and met the container still on the semi truck that it arrived on Friday, June 24th. We were blessed with two strong teams who were able to unload and disperse the donated items to their proper destinations.  Keys were turned over to the 20 foot container that was sent in November 2010. The mission station will manage and distribute the school supplies and over 300 backpacks that are being stored there. 

Lifewater Well  Peoria UMC funded the drilling of a borehole in February 2010.  We found the well dry when we returned in January 2011. Lifewater returned for an inspection and assures us that the borehole will be operational soon.

Pathfinder Vehicle Repair  Nissan Pathfinder has been parked and in need of repair since April.  Car parts were sent on the container.  New battery purchased.  It is an ongoing struggle to manage the vehicle so that it is used for its intended purpose, clinic medical emergencies.  

Maternal Health Ward Tied in plumbing in the bathroom and finished the shower.

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