14 August 2011

North Central Jurisdiction Holds UMVIM Round-Up

Rukang Chikomb, GBGM Missionary
  David Malloy, Annual Conference Advance Liaison

The quadrennial UMVIM "Round-Up 2011" entitled, "Real Situations/Real Connections/Real Faith at Work" was held August 12-14 at Epworth Forest Conference Center in North Webster, Indiana. About 80 attendees gathered to hear a variety of Plenary speakers that included Rev. Lekisha Reed, Indiana; Rev. Willie Berman, Mexico, Rev. Ed Kail, Iowa and Jane Dunn, Illinois who spoke on "Models of Community Health".

Workshops were led on spiritual formation, disaster relief, UMVIM leader training, volunteer needs in Senegal, Mexico, Democratic Republic of Congo, Poland, Camphor Mission and Operation Classroom in Liberia, . Topics on Haiti response plan, homes for Haitians and Haiti Solar Oven Project and UMVIM packing were also shared.  In addition to the on-site presenters, plenary conversations were held via skype with Becky Harrell, GBGM Missionary in Costa Rica and Tom Heaton, Indiana Missionary in Guatemala.  On Sunday, Rev. Bert Kite impersonated John Wesley at the morning worship service.

This blog will highlight details of health related needs expressed at this conference.  Please look for upcoming postings about opportunities in Mexico, Sierra Leone and Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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