17 October 2011

New Resource for Medical Missions

From: Wally Calaway 
I was at Resurrection UMC for a mission fair recently and met a representative of Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach. I had never heard of this organization and thought that it might be a good resource for you to know about.  This NGO collects hospital supplies from Chicago Hospitals and ships them to clinic in other countries. While they are connected with the Roman Catholic Church, I was told that this is only a marginal connection and that they work with many church and non-church groups. I was also told that a VIM mission trip going to another country could go to their warehouse and pick up medical supplies to transport with them. Also, a clinic or hospital in another country could register with them and get access to their inventory. The clinic could then fill out a shopping list and have the equipment shipped to them.  All of this seemed very interesting to me and thought that I should share it in case others were unaware of this organization.
          Thank-you Wally!

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