10 February 2012

Cholera Training Manuals in Kreyol


(From Partners In Health Website)
Publication date: 07/01/11
by Partners In Health; Ministère de la Santé Publique et de la Population (MSPP) Haiti; Centers for Disease Control; World Health Organization
PIH/ZL created its Community Health Worker Cholera Training to help community health workers (CHWs) and hygiene agents working throughout Haiti to combat the spread of cholera, and to identify and treat cases of cholera. The training materials include a Facilitators Manual for use in training CHWs, a CHW handbook for use in the classroom and the field, and a set of instructional images formatted for Flip Chart and Power Point Slides. PIH/ZL put together and implemented CHW cholera training materials within a day of the outbreak, and trainings for physicians, nurses, and cleaning staff within the first two weeks.
Since then, the CHW training has been revised to assure adherence to Haitian Ministry of Health and Centers for Disease Control protocols.  The revised manuals – introduced in Haiti on July 1, 2011 – draw from and refine the lessons learned since the beginning of the outbreak in late October 2010. Haiti’s Ministry of Health has approved the CHW training materials and will soon be distributing them and conducting trainings across Haiti.
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