03 February 2012

Lake Titicaca Mission Offers "Virtuality"

Excerpt from Lake Titicaca Mission Newsletter:

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Virtual Mission Trip
To those of you who are planning trips: keep your jets revved, and keep in touch as plans develop!
For those who’d  like  to  visit  the  Lake  Titicaca   Border  Mission  but  can’t  afford  the  time  or  the   money, please consider a Virtual Mission Trip.  Pastor and friend Mary Zajac was plotting a
mission trip, but math got her thinking about  the concept of a Virtual Mission Trip. She considered: roundtrip flights to South America, lodging, food, and a bit of sight-seeing for about two weeks would cost about $2,200 USD per person. A visiting group of 10 would collectively spend about $22,000 USD, most of which would be spent on air travel.

Or, a Virtual Mission Team could contribute or raise a tenth of that, and build two neighborhood greenhouses! By hiring local people, the team would directly help families, as well as the economy.  Once  it’s up and running, a greenhouse will also help families, communities and the local economy.
Like all of our projects, greenhouses must prove sustainability before the mission will invest in them. In the case of a greenhouse, we require a business plan that maps out who will do the work, where will water come from, what will be grown, how much produce and medicinal herbs will be consumed by the workers, how much will be sold in the market; and how proceeds will be divided among workers and the church. Recall, churches need money to be able to provide the many human services that only churches provide here, such as training local health workers, providing English classes, occasional clinics, emergency financial assistance and the start-up costs of building community greenhouses.
Loosely, it would go something like this: First, you pull together a group of interested prospective virtual mission team members.

That might be your friends, your bowling team, neighbors, co-workers, classmates, clients, your book club or  any  other  club  you’re  in, your family or extended family. 

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