08 February 2012

News from Individual Volunteers in Lake Titicaca

Just wanted to write you all and tell you that today we surely did appreciate our Tetanus, Hep A & B and Typhoid vaccinations.
We are thankful that you stress the importance of having the proper vaccines to people during training. Thank you!
Walked to a great meeting about 5 km away from our house today in the little town of Cusijata. Met with 24 towns folk and the Director of the local school about 2 new greenhouses and Internet for the local school. They truly get sustainability and had a comprehensive and interwoven plan that they clearly spent a lot of time on. Exciting!
It is rainy season here. As a result, on the way back we got caught out there with substantial flooding of the "roads". We found ourselves following the lead of the locals that were heading towards Copa and rolled up our pants, carried our shoes and slogged through water and mud that was knee deep at times and loaded with refuse including old diapers.
Hope all is well with you all!
Keep up the good work. We are always grateful for the support you provide.
Jeff and Debbie

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