17 April 2012

RxConnexion 2012 Cancelled

Dear Friends – It is with a certain, sad resignation, that I have to let you know we are cancelling the Rx Consultation this year. Only a few signed up to take the workshops.  The steering committee and I felt that this was an absolutely wonderful line-up of presentations, with diversity and interesting topics and great speakers!   We do not know why it did not catch on this year, but will review it and see what to do next year to increase interest.  This is the first time we have had to cancel the Rx Health Volunteer Consultation since we began – perhaps the economy, perhaps General Conference - one does not know all that comes into play.  Next year this event is slated for WI conference.  

I would suggest if any of you that are new to the event have questions, pose them on the Health Care Blog (which goes to Jane Dunn), or send me a note and I will find the right person to give the answer.  I should be putting out an updated list of upcoming medical teams soon (http://www.gbgm-umc.org/northcentralvim/NCVIM/RX_ConneXion_files/Medical_Teams.pdf)

 Please remember to CANCEL your hotel reservations.  Otherwise your credit card will be charged.

I want to thank Karie Saunders for agreeing to host the event at Highland UMC.  I am sure the venue would have been wonderful!  J

Lastly – I will miss seeing so many of you this year!  I was looking forward to the reunion of like-minded mission souls! Thank you so much for agreeing to be a part of this event and we will pray for better days next year!


If you have questions or comments regarding the meeting cancellation, please comment to this posting.  I will review and respond - Jane Dunn

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