08 May 2012

New Site for Donated Medical Supplies/Equipment

The primary purpose of GIVE (Giving Independence Via medical Equipment) is to loan durable medical equipment to people with short- or long-term disability needs. This is to enhance the person’s mobility independence as well as physical and spiritual well-being. A wide range of items are available from GIVE, from hospital beds and wheelchairs to canes and walkers. 
GIVE also provides disposable incontinence soft goods at no charge to individuals and donates equipment, disposable soft goods and medical supplies (such as bandages and orthopedics) to domestic and international Christian organizations.  For more information contact Tom Downs (tdowns@ginghamsburg.org), manager of GIVE (Giving Independence Via medical supplies & Equipment) or visit the GIVE website.  GIVE is located in the city of Covington in Western Ohio.


  1. Durable medical goods enables patients to return to the comfort of home with the highest level of achievable independence.

  2. Durable medical goods provide many benefits to the doctors, hospital and to the patients.