05 July 2012

Medical Teams Invited to Haiti

News Release

June 1, 2012

UMVIM & UMCOR announce medical team invitation for Haiti

By Susan J. Meister, US-based Communications & Calendaring Coordinator

UMVIM and UMCOR in Haiti have announced that medical teams are now welcome to schedule mission service to existing partner health programs in the Port-au-Prince area. These programs include King’s Hospital; Partners in Development (PID); Grace Children’s Hospital; and HUEH TB Clinic, Hospital General. In addition, UMVIM volunteers are invited to mission service at one of the nine Methodist Church of Haiti (EMH) clinics or to participate in the EMH Mobile Clinic pilot project.
“Medical volunteers have been interested in working in Haiti for some time,” explained Tom Vencuss, Project Coordinator for the Haiti Response Plan. “The objective of this program is to establish a system that can organize and deploy small medical teams of 2 to 6 persons through the UMVIM system in Haiti.”
While the teams working with partner health programs in the Port-au-Prince area will stay at the Methodist Guest House in Petionville, teams serving EMH clinics and mobile clinics will be in the field. Logistics of the stay (transportation, lodging, interpreters, etc.) will be managed by the US and Haiti-based Haiti Response Plan.
Matching funds through the HRP program will be available for the medical teams. As with the HRP construction-related mission work, the work of the medical teams will be done alongside Haitian medical personnel, under their supervision. Matching funds will be used to pay for materials and salary support of Haitian staff, in order to continue the 2:1 ratio of Haitian workers to missioners. In addition, not only will the UMVIM team members involved in direct care during their stay, they are also encouraged to serve as trainers for continuing education and the mentoring of their Haitian counterparts.
All medical licenses must be submitted at least 120 days before the scheduled mission trip. (Members will also need to bring copies of their licenses with them to Haiti.) All teams will coordinate through Susan Meister, HRP US-based Communications & Calendaring Coordinator, haitivolunteers@yahoo.com. Vencuss will be responsible for coordinating licensure and other logistics with the EMH Health Coordinator.
Medical teams will serve in Haiti at the request of the participating medical facilities, and each Health Partner site will indicate needs for supplies and medical personnel.  This will allow the UMVIM system to appropriately match interested volunteers with the need at each site.
Professions requested include Internal Medicine, General Practitioners, Family Medicine physicians, Pediatric Physicians, Dentists, Ophthalmologists, RNs and LPs. Dentists and Ophthalmologists should note that no appropriate infrastructure or supplies exist in EMH clinics. Other resources vary by site.
A more complete description of the UMVIM Haiti and Haiti Response Plan Medical Volunteer Protocol is available here. Please direct questions to Meister, haitivolunteers@yahoo.com.

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