07 August 2012

Gain CEUs Through On-line Global Health Training


If you are visiting this blog, you are probably interested in using your knowledge and skill to benefit those who live in poor communities.  Thank-you for your dedication to serve others.  To prepare for service, there is much for those from industrialized societies to learn beyond typical health professional education. Before embarking into unknown cultures and the realm of unfamiliar tropical disease and poverty, it is essential to become open to learning from the poor you serve among and to updating your knowledge about global health.

One way to achieve a better understanding of global health and the basics of community based primary healthcare is to seek educational opportunities that offer preparation to the new health volunteer and knowledge enhancement to the more experienced person.  I recommend courses available through INMED.  It is possible to enroll in on-line international health courses that offer professional CEUs and also serve as excellent preparation for the health volunteer.

Below are a few 'Dos and Don'ts' to guide those who prepare for health volunteering:


  • Learn the basics about the country/area and culture where you volunteer.
  • Be open to learning about traditional health beliefs and practices.  Some may have value.
  • Go with a collaborative spirit that is empowering to others. 
  • Work yourself out of job by rejoicing the in the successes of your foreign partners.
  • Remember, you are not in charge.
  • Assume that basic education and training in a health profession from a developed country automatically makes you an expert to work in an underdeveloped impoverished area of the world.
  • Create a stream of indiscriminate giving without assessment of actual need and instruction on the management of the gifts.
  • Develop a service plan without first collaborating with locals.  

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