19 August 2012

Health Promoter Education in Bolivia

In June and July Allyson Zeedrich, 23, a graduate student in the  University  of  Illinois’  School  of  Public Health, fulfilled her six-week practicum here. She interviewed Promotores de Buena Salud (volunteer community public health workers) trained by the mission to see how they are using their skills and whether they need more training to maximize their effectiveness. The interviews confirmed that virtually all of the Bolivian Promotores want more regular training; they want to feel more confident; and they need to know more about promoting themselves. Allyson suggested monthly meetings in which they can choose and study specific topics of interest. She facilitated a lively dialogue on how the promotores  could  advertise  their  skills.  Using  Allyson’s   computer and advice, every member of the group gleefully designed his or her own professional business card, complete with a logo and a four-color head shot. 

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