19 October 2012

Bolivian President Signs Agreement with Bolivian Methodists

Before the 90-minute bus trip to Tiahaunaku, ten volunteer missioners from Oklahoma and I joined about 1,000 other people at the Instituto Americano in La Paz to witness the signing of a “convenio” between the Bolivian government and the Bolivian Methodist Church. We sat in the second row. The convenio will make it easier and substantially less expensive for American Methodist missionaries to enter, travel and work in Bolivia. The government will also partner with the Methodist Church to help support the church’s educational and agricultural endeavors. To my amazement, in his speech President Morales openly dinged the Catholic Church in Bolivia for “condemning” rather than helping the people of Bolivia. He touted the Methodist Church as being a model church dedicated to improving the quality of life in Bolivia and helping her people become more independent and self-sufficient. 

(Excerpt from Lake Titicaca Border Mission Newsletter - written by Jeff Wasilevich and Deb Rissing, an Individual Volunteer Married Couple serving there.  Jeff and Deb receive volunteer teams dedicated to improving the community health in that area through empowerment.)

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