25 October 2012

Cholera in Haiti

The numbers are staggering.

Since the epidemic began in Haiti two years ago, cholera has sickened more than 600,000 people and killed more than 7,500. Last year, Haiti logged more cases than all the rest of the world combined, according to the World Health Organization.

This year the epidemic is on track to be among the world's worst again, with nearly 77,000 cases and 550 deaths, according to the Haitian Ministry of Health. We're continuing to see cases rise and fall with seasonal rains. Hurricane Sandy, which passed by Haiti last night, brought downpours that have swelled rivers and already contributed to an increase in cases.

There's another number I can't shake.


That's how many cholera deaths we should be willing to accept. Cholera is a preventable, treatable disease that has been eliminated in the wealthy world through access to clean water and decent sanitation.

No one should get sick, much less die, from cholera. Help us spread the word that the work's not done by sharing this graphic on Facebook.
Click here to share this graphic on Facebook.With your help, we've made incredible progress fighting this epidemic. Our community health workers have been working nonstop to provide people with water treatment tablets to prevent illness and with rehydration solution if they get sick. Our staff at cholera treatment centers have been saving patients' lives. And we've effectively delivered and advocated for oral cholera vaccines as part of a comprehensive response.

There's so much still to do. We can't let the end of emergency funding for cholera set us back.

Post our graphic on Facebook to tell the world that the work's not done.


Cate Oswald
Director of Haiti Programs
Partners In Health

P.S. With our cholera funding drying up, we're looking for your help in continuing to fight this epidemic. If you haven't already, please consider making a donation.

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