31 October 2012

Message to East Coast From Parish Nurse Digest

My daughter posted this to her friends today who are experiencing personal storms. When I read it, I realized that she had captured what I wanted to say to all of you.
Couldn't have said it better myself! Thanks Katie

Wishes and prayers
by Katie R. Hinton

When it is dreary, I wish you sunshine.
When it is hot, I wish you a breeze.
When you are thirsty, I wish you a refreshing drink with a tiny umbrella.
When you are hungry, I wish you a meal.

When you are frustrated, I pray you'll have peace.
When you are wronged, I pray you'll have justice.
When you are stressed, I pray you'll have calm.
When you are hurting, I pray you'll have comfort.
When you are sad, I pray you'll have joy.
When you are lost, I pray you'll find your way.
When you are alone, I pray you'll have company.
When you are tired, I pray you'll find rest.
When you are sick, I pray you'll be well.
When you are mourning, I pray you'll find healing in remembrance.

When times are hard, I pray you'll have ease and strength.
When it looks like the end, I pray you'll have a new beginning.
When you can't go any further, I pray you'll have a good place to stay.
When you have trouble with people, I pray you'll have the patience to deal with them.
When you need to escape from the world, I pray you'll have a good place to hide.
When people desert or betray you, I pray you'll have people to support you.
When bad things ruin your day, I pray that joys will make it better again.

To all my friends who are going through things right now: These wishes and prayers are for you. No matter how bleak it seems, know that you aren't alone. You can get through this. Even if you don't have faith in yourself anymore, I have faith in you. I'll always be here to listen or back you up. Never give up on yourself, ok? You're the only you we have in this world, and I for one want you to have the best life you can. Even when things seem hopeless, there's always a future to hope for. Let me know if you need me, my lovely friends, you know where to find me. 

Excerpt from Parish Nurse Digest - Karen Hinton Editor

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