10 December 2012

Seeking Disability Focus Within UMVIM Teams

 A United Methodist Church in West Ohio, is looking for a group or individual who has taken an UMVIM team to assess disability needs and do seminar/training for school teachers, church officials, about working with and helping those with disabilities.   The UM church and school (Walter Henry)  in Santa Cruz, Bolivia is asking for this service.  If anyone knows of such programs already in place by UMVIM teams contact Lorna Jost at umvim-ncj@brookings.net

Here are two contacts that may be helpful.  Are there others? 

1.  Lover's Lane United Methodist Church, 9200 Inwood Rd. Dallas, Tx 75220 has helped start Njia Special School in Kenya .  The contact for more information is Rev. Tom Hudspeth at thudspeth@llumc.org .

2.  UMCOR Health has initiated the UM Task Force on Disability Ministries.  This project appears to be more U.S. focused.  The contact is Patricia Magyar Tel. 212-870-3871.  The website link is:http://www.umdisabilityministries.org/index.html

For those interested in pursuing activities to create specialized UMVIM teams to address disability needs, God's blessings and please keep us informed of your progress. 

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  1. The United Methodist Committee on Deaf and Hard of Hearing Ministries is planning a mission trip to Kenya this summer in combination with attendance at the World Deaf Methodist conference. There will be a small disability team doing fact-finding as to needs and opportunities for disability ministry in Kenya. We had hoped to take a full-fledged disability team, but couldn't get enough information ahead of time or enough people to sign up. We at the United Methodist Committee on DisAbility Ministries (our new name) would love to pilot a disability team through UMVIM. Right now most therapists serve through Joni and Friends Wheels for the World or similar agencies. Deacon Debbie Hills in Western PA has a non-profit organization and independently takes groups on disability mission trips to Guatemala. Contact me (Lynn Swedberg) at umdisability@gmail.com.