11 January 2013

Hesperian Health Teaching Images No Longer Free

Dear friends,
Greetings from Hesperian!  We have been honored to have your participation as one of the early users of Hesperian Images, our searchable online image library. I’m writing today to share an update and a bit of a preview about where we are heading next.
As you may know, our goal in launching Hesperian Images was to facilitate the use of our library of images by health educators, community health workers, and those who develop health curriculum materials. Uploading and tagging the thousands of images from our books has been a long and time-consuming process, but we are excited to share that it is now complete! And with that milestone accomplished, we are now moving out of the “beta” phase into making Hesperian Images available more widely in a way that we can sustain long term.
What that means is that we will be removing the image download limit and charging for downloads based on how the images will be used, a system that will allow us to keep them affordable for community health workers and others doing grassroots education.Charging for images is a way that we can cover the costs of hosting and maintaining the online library, so that we can keep it available for all to use. If you are curious about the details of how the pricing system will work, I’ve included that information below. Your login information will remain the same after we begin charging for images.
People who can’t afford to pay at all will always be able to write to us to request free images. We are also offering discounted bulk pricing and subscription options for those who are interested, an option that we particularly recommend to organizations and institutions who plan to use images for educational materials or curriculum development. We are happy to discuss this option in more detail- simply email images@hesperian.org.
We are excited to be moving into the next phase, and we hope you will continue using and supporting Hesperian Images as we move forward, and spread the word about this resource to your friends and colleagues (an official announcement will be coming in February).  And please don’t hesitate to write with any questions.
Our warmest regards and wishes for a very happy new year,
Dorothy Tegeler
Assistant Director
Hesperian Health Guides
Below is some more detailed information about how the pricing system will work, in case you are curious. Users will be asked to select one of four options that best corresponds with how they will use the image, and that will determine what they are asked to pay: 
  1. For use in print material (fewer than 100 copies): $3.50 to $5
  2. For use in print material (more than 100 copies): $24 to $36
  3. For use in a presentation:  $3.50 to $5
  4. For website, mobile phone, video, or other multimedia use: $24 to $36
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