23 April 2013

INMED Medicine and Public Health Hybrid Course Announced

On-Line Segment Begins: April 29 - June 16  
In-Classroom Segment: June 20-22 in Kansas City

The Course will address the following bodies of knowledge: 
  • International Public Health - Factors that most significantly impact health in low-resource communities.
  • Diseases of Poverty - The health conditions most frequently associated with low economic status.
  • International HIV Medicine - Prevention and treatment of HIV in low-resource settings.
  • Cross-Cultural Competency - Skills to effectively promote health in a new cultural context.
  • Disaster Management - Disaster Management - Action inadvance to mitigate loss and effectively respond
  • International Health Leadership - How healthcare professionals can work in partnership with communities to design and lead effective, sustainable healthcare systems.
  • Neonatal Resuscitation - Through Helping Babies Breathe, the program of the American Academy of Pediatrics designed for low-resource settings.
For questions or to learn more about INMED, please feel free to contact us by email at office@inmed.us or by phone at 816-444-6400. 

INMED Email: office@inmed.us 
Phone: 816-444-6400 
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Web: http://inmed.us

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