14 April 2013

Message from Individual Volunteer to Peru

News from Peru
March-April 2013
Hola a Todos!  (Hello Everyone)J
As I began this newsletter I realized that I only have two weeks left in Peru.  Time flies!
I appreciate receiving the prayer tree from my church  for those that need our prayers and support. It always helps to stay in touch with friends and family back home.  It is hard to believe, but I will be coming home soon.
On the first Saturday in March I helped with the medical campaign in Ventenilla.  It is a barren area about 2 hours out of Lima and the poverty is high. The area is like Lomas de Carabayllo.  Most of the roads are not paved, so it is very dusty and dirty.  We had a doctor, dentist, psychologist, obstetric nurse and several students.  The staff saw 100 patients in about 4 hours.     Some patients were seen by several staff, so each station counted as a visit.  We had a total of 200 visits.

Judy Bruun, Individual Volunteer to Peru

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