19 June 2013

"Burn Care" Teacher Needed for Liberia Team

Ganta Liberia Team Leaders to hold information gathering  session on Sunday, June 23rd at 6:30 at Macedonia UMC, 1280 E. Aurora Road, Macedonia, OH 44056.  Presentation of the medical and educational workshops held at Ganta in March 2013 will be followed by our plans for mid – late January mission in 2014.  This is an “Instruction, not Construction” team.
We are searching for team members with medical knowledge for workshops and others to work with children and staff related to library education.  A specific request from the participants last January at Ganta was to have someone on the team who was knowledgeable about and could teach “burn care”. Cost of the trip:  $3,000.  Contact: Kevin L. Schaner, 216.502.5160, schanerkevin@gmail.com and Linda Bloom, mbloom@windstream.net

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