04 June 2013

Minnesota UMVIM to Colombia Seeks Team Members

A Minnesota UMVIM Team traveling to Brisas del Mar, Columbia is seeking additional team members.  The group will be working on the completion of two school classrooms but  also seeks health professionals who will be assigned to work in an UMCOR sponsored clinic nearby.

Date:  July 24-August 2, 2013

Cost:  The per-person cost is projected to be $2,400 which includes airfare, ground transportation, lodging, meals on location and a contribution toward local project costs.

Safety:  Civil and criminal violence in Columbia has been greatly reduced and is in isolated areas today.  Mission volunteers go only to places where the Colombian hosts can ensure team safety.

For more information or an application contact:

Team Leader - Rev. Rick Edwards
Phone:  218-390-0123
E-mail: rev ricked@gmail.com

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