30 July 2013

UMCOR Response to Recent NPR Story Re: Defective Malaria Nets

Below is the UMCOR response to a question about an NPR story on Malaria mosquito nets in Africa that are fraying and not properly sprayed.

From: Nyamah Dunbar [mailto:NDunbar@umcor.org]
Sent: Tuesday, July 23, 2013 9:37 AM

Subject: Net assurance
First, it's difficult to be sure about the source of those nets mentioned in the article or the organization which delivered them.  What I can state are these 3 key points:
A) UMCOR only purchases nets approved by the World Health organization (WHO).  Please visit their website to read more about the WHOPES standards and accreditation process.

B)governments would not procure nets with obvious holes in them, so I am interested in whether this portion of the report was in reference to the durability of the nets in relation to the wear and tear (which is natural with human interaction after a couple of years of ownership/usage)

C) There are poor quality nets that are on the black market and illegally sold (or may be given by other organizations), but UMCOR has never done this nor would we.

We go beyond the basic requirements for quality programming and serving the local population, often exceeding even the government and global standards where we work.  We have an ethical responsibility to the populations which we serve and to our members who donate these funds and we take these issues very seriously to ensure the greatest representation of UMCOR and the Denomination to the world.

Please do not hesitate to seek clarity on these issues as they can be misleading and negatively influence the otherwise great targets which we are striving to achieve.



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