02 August 2013

Health Faculty Sought for West Africa January Trip

Previous Ganta Seminar Graduation

Ganta United Methodist Mission, Liberia West Africa  January 18 to  February 2, 2014 (including travel dates)
We have been invited to provide a nursing seminar for staff at the  Ganta United Methodist Hospital.  General nursing topics are needed  as well as specialty training in burn care, emergency room issues,  coma care and neonatal nursing.  Are you the nurse, doctor, or  physicians assistant being called to serve in this capacity? How  about physical therapist or occupational therapist who can help  people regain and maintain function after serious burns or  motorcycle accidents?  We also can still use individuals ready to  help with reading skills for adults and children and library  organization.
Please contact Linda Bloom  mbloom@windstream.net 216 312-3375 cell  with any questions about hospital session or Kevin Schaner at schanerkevin@gmail.com with library questions.
Our first funding deadline has passed, but we can work with you if  you are called to this place at this time.

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