12 August 2013


Una Jones, General Board of Global Ministries, recently announced a transition in how UMVIM teams should obtain insurance for their mission trips. The announcement follows:
One of the “best practices” for all UMVIM team leaders and members, individual volunteers, Primetimers and disaster volunteers is to secure UMVIM accident insurance. Mission Volunteers/Global Ministries strongly urges that no UMVIM group of individual, regardless of the type of volunteer work they do, engage in any domestic or international mission volunteer work without securing insurance coverage. Several “hosting partners,” international and local, are being directed to require that each UMVIM team or individual obtain insurance prior to beginning a mission experience. Both receiving and sending partners are being responsible by ensuring that adequate insurance is available in case of accidents or other medical issues.
The Mission Volunteers Office has offered accident insurance for many years. It now realizes that the best insurance for the UMVIM community includes both accident and medical coverage. Therefore, effective January 2014, the Mission Volunteers Office will transition all insurance to one of the following three jurisdictional offices:
  
North Central Jurisdiction-Lorna Jost-Jurisdictional Coordinator
Northeastern Jurisdiction-Greg Forrester-Jurisdictional Coordinator
Southeastern Jurisdiction- Paulette West-Jurisdictional Coordinator
Each of the above jurisdictional offices is ready to serve your UMVIM groups or individuals with the appropriate insurance irrespective of the region in which you are located. Please email: volunteers@umcmission.org with questions or for more information.

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