03 October 2013

Possible Health Teams Sites in Central and South America

Are you a trained team leader hoping to find a host site where a short-term volunteer team can go?

 Such a request recently crossed my "radar".  Below, is a list of some UM approved host contacts that receive medically focused teams.  Information courtesy of Lorna Jost.

  1. Salud y Paz - started by an individual volunteer (http://saludypas.org/).  Wayne Wiley and his wife, Janet Chichester are the current individual volunteers working there for several years.  Their email is executivedirector@saludypaz.org.  The Volunteer Team Coordinator is Kelly Craig who can be reached at teamcoordinator@saludypaz.org/.
  2. ODIM, Organization for the Development of the Indigenous Maya, JoAna Dwyer, who holds a masters degree in Social Work is the Individual Volunteer in charge of that project (odimguatemala@gmail.com)
  3. Mission Guatemala - Tom Heaton, UM Clergy, placed by the Indiana Conference is the contact.  His e-mail is tom@missonguatemala.com.
Panama: There are two UM hosts  who collaborate to serve two main sites in Panama.
  1. Rhett Thompson, a UM Pastor serves as the UMVIM Coordinator for Panama appointed by CIEMAL (Carribean/Central American Methodist Conference).  Rhett hosts teams going to Cienaguita, Panama in the Western part of the country near the Costa Rican border.  He works with indigenous Ngabe living in jungle communities. Medical/Dental, health teaching, latrines and clean water have been the primary foci for that area.  Rhett's e-mail is panamamissionrjt@gmail.com
  2. David and Cindy Ceballos, UM Missionaries were assigned to  Panama about 2 years ago.  David is a UM Pastor and Cindy an R.N.  They are located about a 4 hour drive from Cienaguita and serve a different indigenous group.  They are involved in building churches and also in hosting health/wellness and health teaching teams.  The Ceballos' website is:https://sites.google.com/site/specialorg/church/ceballos.  Their e-mail is bumice2000@yahoo.com.
Willie Berman, GBGM Missionary hosts UMVIM teams to areas of Mexico.  For more information contact Willie at: wberman@prodigy.net.mx

Costa Rica:
Becky Harrell is an RN GBGM Missionary in San Jose.  Contact Becky for more information at becky.dap@gmail.com 

Married couple and individual volunteers, Debbie Rissing and Jeff Wasilevich hosts teams to the high regions of the Andes on the border with Peru.  Contact them at jeffandeb@gmail.com or visit them on facebook at https://www.facebook.om/?ref=tn tnmn#!mision.fronteras.7?fref=ts 

Team Leaders who may know about sites that they visit regularly are:
Honduras - Gloria Borgman ron.borgman@yahoo.com 
Nicaragua - Teresa Miller rbkids@yahoo.com
Mexico- (Rio Bravo) Karie Saunders ksanders@humc.us  
Mexico -  (Nuevo Progresso) Tammy Kuntz  eoumvim@gmail.com

Please let Jane Dunn (UMVIM blogger) know at umvim4health@gmail.com if you know of other sites seeking health teams to host.



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