10 December 2013

UMVIMs Identify Need for Health Volunteers in Zimbabwe

Hello Folks:
We are fast approaching our departure date from our two months in Zimbabwe. We have been very busy working at the remote location called Chikwizo United Methodist Church Mission which is located 12 miles from the Mozambique border in NE Zimbabwe.  Hopefully, the pictures will show the remoteness and the great need for improved medical care at the rural level.

Tim and Sandy are  short term missionaries from The Nyadire Connection, a group of nine churches in the Pittsburg, PA area who are sponsoring the UMC Rural Health Clinic Renovation program which is aiming to update/upgrade six of the 12 UMC Clinic in Zimbabwe.  Chikwizo is the first of these projects.

To learn more please contact  Jim Gourley at jimgourley@verizon.net

Sue and Jim
UMC Volunteers in Mission

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