01 June 2014

Growing Impact of Technology in Health

If you are someone who understands the link between health and technology, you’re not alone. This growing field not only includes the United States, but the developing world – mostly due to the prevalence of mobile phones.
With over three quarters of the world now having access to mobile phones, many are using this device as a channel for lifesaving and life-giving information. It’s called “mhealth” and it spans from simple text health messages to high tech Bluetooth options that record patient stats locally for future transfer to medical record systems.
With many hospitals and medical clinics abroad still using pencil and paper, it may seem far-fetched to take technology into the mission field. But, your knowledge plus simple and often low-cost communication technologies can help others understand their patients better, and even create new means of income generation. For example, low-cost solar cellphone chargers are helping United Methodists in Malawi keep their lines of communication open while producing new means of income. [Read more.]
United Methodist Communications is staying on top of mhealth technologies for the world’s lowest-resource areas so information about disease and wellness can help communities thrive. [Watch United Methodist communicator Betty Kazadi Musau speak about her use of text messaging for health in the DRC.]

You are invited to learn more about mhealth and other emerging communication technologies at UMCom’s upcoming Game Changers Summit, September 3-5, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee. This first-of-its-kind conference for United Methodists is made just for people like you, who are on the forefront of helping communities in new ways. Come and bring your global companions. Together, you can make plans for an outside-the-box mission that provides lasting impact, and grows new generations of volunteers. www.umcom.org/gamechangers

Submitted by Rev. Neelley Hicks,
Director, ICT4D Church Initiatives

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