23 July 2014

Insurance News for UMVIM Teams

(Posted by Heather Wilson on Western Jurisdiction Blog) 

Global Ministries no longer offers accident insurance as of January 2014.  However, there are other great options for your UMVIM team to be insured.  The NorthCentral, SouthEast, and NorthEast UMVIM jurisdiction offices offer accident and medical insurance for UMVIM teams.  Each policy is very good but each vary as to fees and costs.  To register to receive insurance through these UMVIM jurisidictional offices and to learn more about the different insurance plans, please visit the following links:

www.nejumc.org/vim - Northeast Jurisdiction 

umvim.org/send_a_team/international/registration_insurance.html -Southeast Jurisdiction

www.umvimncj.org/ncjvim - Northcentral Jurisdiction

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