05 November 2014

July 2015 Peru Medical Mission in Planning Stages

The Wisconsin Conference is planning a return medical mission trip to Peru led by Judy Bruun.  Judy has contacted the Bishop in Peru to initiate arrangements, which are pending at this time.  Below, Judy offers some information about preparations and requirements.

The group will go by bus or plane from Lima.  We will travel over the mountains and will be working in the valley.  This means traveling up to an elevation of over 15,000 feet and then down.  We will be working at about 1,700 to 2,800 feet.   There are some beautiful sites.

At this time the projected mission costs are $1,100 per person.  The $100 application fee will be applied to each missioner's cost.   A background check will be done through the conference and insurance will be purchased for everyone.  The costs include room, food, ground transportation, tips, supplies/medicines, Peruvian coordinator and doctor, weekend away and contingency fund.  If there are some people that would prefer to fly from Lima, instead of traveling by bus, then this will be an added cost.

Below, are some details regarding the mission location.  

Mission 2015 Location Information
In July there are few and short rains in these cities (about 8-10 mm) and the weather is always warm. The mean altitude of the places are:
La Merced: 751 m above sea level
San Ramón: 850 m above sea level
Pichanaki: 525 m above sea level
Satipo: 631 m above sea level

We  have to pass through La Oroya (4818 meters=15,807 feet) and Huancayo (3271 meters = 1,073 feet). There is a possibility to take a plane from Lima to Jauja to avoid Ticlio but it will cost around $ 200 (roundtrip ticket per person) and the person will necessarily pass through Huancayo. We can take the bus in the night and pass it while sleeping without problems.

One of the members of the Methodist Church of Huancayo is a physician. He offered to help us with the arrangements of the licenses at the Medical Association of Junin: it should be noted that the medical team must have at least one Peruvian physician. He says that it will be easier if we can offer an update seminar to the Junin Medical Association, so if there is one specialist in any medical area that can be recruited who is willing to lead this training, it will be great!

For more information, please contact:
Judy Bruun
Team Leader UMC
Wisconsin Conference


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