26 January 2015

New Opportunities for Health Professional Volunteers

Below, are listed a few more opportunities for UMVIM Health Professionals.  These will be added to a more comprehensive list that can be found in the "Pages" Drop-Down Menu at the upper left of this blog's main page.

March 5-14, 2015. Team Leader Tom Wall, UM campus minister for the Wesley Foundation at University of South Carolina, is seeking additional members for his mission to Ecuador. The team currently consists of about 25 students and staff, but they are in search of a doctor and a dentist to join them to help provide a health clinic. The cost is $1500, and more information is available by contacting Tom at WallBrodie@aol.com.

July 7-23, 2015. Kenya Partners is a 501(c)(3) non profit operating programs in Nakuru, Kenya since 2006. Mission involves hands-on work in partnership with locals, including medical, dental, lab, optometric in a clinic, and support in teaching, music, construction, computer teaching, photography and videography in a K-12 boarding school. Multi-generational families are welcome, and extended stay/ internships available. There will be a debriefing safari to Masai Mara at end of mission. Cost is $2000 + airfare. For more information, please contact Diane at diane@kenya-partners.org, or visit kenya-partners.org.

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