23 March 2015

New Medical Volunteer Opportunities

July 7-23, 2015Kenya Partners is a 501(c)(3) non profit operating programs in Nakuru, Kenya since 2006. This mission involves hands-on work in partnership with locals, including medical, dental, lab, optometric in a clinic, and support in teaching, music, construction, computer teaching, photography and videography in a K-12 boarding school. Multi-generational families are welcome, and extended stay/internships are available. There will be a debriefing safari to Masai Mara at end of mission. Cost is $2000 + airfare. For more information, please contact Diane at diane@kenya-partners.org, or visit kenya-partners.org.

 July 10-25, 2015. Aldersgate UMC in Evansville, IN is currently forming a mission team to Kenya. This exciting mission will involve school and home visits, a medical and eyeglass camp, and the opportunity to get to know the local people. The cost is approximately $2000, and includes ground transportation, most of your meals, accommodations, and a safari. The international flight is approximately $2000. Medical and non-medical people are needed and welcome! For more information please contact Rev. Lynn Renne, RN at LRenne@aol.com.  

May 21-30, 2015. Team Leader Lou Altman is currently seeking additional team members for a mission opportunity to Honduras at the Limon Clinic. The team will be hosting medical and public health clinics. They are specifically seeking nurse practitioners, RNs, paramedics, and EMTs. The cost is $1600 and covers all expenses except meals in transit and a free day activity. For more information, please contact Lou at laaltman@netscape.net.

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