Global Health Media Project is pleased to announce the release of our latest public health animation. The Story of Ebola--produced in collaboration with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), UNICEF, and Yoni Goodman—is now available to help ongoing educational and awareness efforts in West Africa. Voice-overs in local languages are underway.

This animated film features a young girl whose grandfather dies from Ebola and puts the rest of her family and their village at risk. Woven through the story are critical messages to help people better understand Ebola, see themselves within the context of an outbreak, and see how to act in ways that can keep themselves safe from the disease and protect their communities.

The re-emergence of cases in what were thought to be cleared locations in Sierra Leone and Guinea, as well as the new case in Liberia, remind us that the epidemic is far from over and could easily spread to other countries.

The film is available on our website and can be downloaded free of charge. 

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