26 October 2015

Maua Methodist Hospital News

Welcome to Maua October 2015
Kathie Mann Mission Partner Methodist Church Kenya
Friends of Maua Meetings Fort Worth, TX
Laundry Needs
UMC Giving Tuesday December 1
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Maua Methodist Hospital October 2015
Vision: To be a model Christian referral and training center, providing excellent health care in the community to the glory of God.
Mission statement: Maua Methodist Hospital is a Christian organization committed to providing affordable, high quality services given by competent staff, in a friendly environment, to meet the health care needs of the community.

P.O. Box 63 Maua, Kenya 60600
Methodist Church Kenya
Phone: (254) 0736-41 3000 info@mckmauahospital.org www.mckmauahospital.org 

Under the Jacaranda Trees
My first time arriving in Kenya, I was a 21 year old college graduate working for Peace Corps. We were stationed outside Embu on the east side of Mt. Kenya and when we drove to town we passed under beautiful Jacaranda trees on the Embu/Meru road. It happened to be the season when they were in full bloom and their vivid blue lavender flowers carpeted the road greeting us.
Since Peace Corps days I lived in Tanzania for many years before moving to Texas. I began working with Bill and Jerri Savuto, GBGM missionaries, as soon as we met in 1997 in Texas on their way to Maua. I was on the Partners In Mission Committee for the Texas Annual Conference and had been to Kenya in 1996 investigating possible missions for our UMVIM teams. But once I met the Savuto’s I knew this would be the connection that would work. The first time I walked onto the grounds of Maua Methodist Hospital, those familiar Jacaranda flowers covered the road leading from the front gate to the chapel. It was a welcome and comforting sight, one that meant Kenya to me. I became the Director of Partners In Mission (UMVIM) 1999-2015 for the Texas Annual Conference and now have the wonderful opportunity to be part of the GBGM family serving in Kenya.
If those trees could talk, the history and stories that could be told would fill volumes. Stories that no one even remembers now, of days when Maua Methodist Hospital (MMH) was first starting. The struggles of those early years with supplies, roads and building the hospital. Stories that I would love to know but will be satisfied that those who lived those stories earned their place in history.
Whether we know all the names who have passed under the Jacaranda trees or not, each person is valuable whether a patient, employee or visitor. They have made what we see today; a bustling hospital, dealing with life and death by the hour and doing it with grace, kindness and courage. There will always be concerns that need to be met and conflicts to resolve, but the staff works hard and long to save lives in this part of God’s world.
So with your patience I would like to give you an update on things concerning Maua Hospital. I arrived here only weeks ago and already feel right at home. I am replacing Rev. Jim Monroe and Rev. Sue Owen as the GBGM Mission Partner. My job will be to recruit teams to multiple projects in Kenya, host teams in Maua and work closely with the Presiding Bishop Ntombura. My role with teams will remain the same in that I will recruit, support and advice as before but now I will also be here in Kenya when teams arrive and help them through their work week. I have prayed for many years that this role would become a reality and I can only thank God that He made the way possible. I am truly in grateful daily.
Life is very much normal in Maua town. The green market across the street is flourishing,
Churches are all open and overflowing, traffic is always on the go and people still need medical help. The hospital has a few changes, the most significant being a new CEO. Dr. Salvador, who is finishing up a position in Haiti, has accepted the assignment and the hospital is waiting patiently for his arrival. I will bring you an update on him in another newsletter.

The staff is so grateful that teams will be returning in 2016. They keep telling me that teams bring them such enthusiasm and strength. We are all working together to organize the projects for next summer so the experience will be safe and rewarding for everyone.

UMC #Giving Tuesday, December 1, 2015
On December 1, the United Methodist Church worldwide is part of movement which gives donors the opportunity to give to their favorite Advance Special as we enter into the Advent Season. Advance numbers are given to those connectional ministries who fill out an application and are accepted as ongoing programs of churches locally, nationally and internationally. 100% of the gift is giving to the specific ministry designated on the donation. Gifts can be received any time during the year but here is the wonderful part about donating on December 1.
Every gift made online through The Advance at www.umcmission.org/give on Dec. 1, 2015 will be matched up to $1 million. Global Ministries will allocate the matching funds dollar for dollar up to the first $1 million in gifts
to Advance projects received online on Dec. 1, 2015 between 12:00 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. CT. A maximum of $2,500 per individual gift to a project will be dispersed as matching funds. A project may receive a maximum of $25,000 in matching funds.”
See more at: http://www.umcmission.org/giving-tuesday/faqs#sthash.9LkpAyqq.dpuf
From the GBGM website.
This means that if you give beginning at the appropriate time (midnight Central Time) your gift will be doubled. There is no other fund raiser like this during the year and it would be wonderful if you would consider these Advance Specials at Maua Methodist Hospital!
1. Community Integrated AIDS Time-Initiative, Maua Methodist Hospital - Projects #140160 - Providing family planning and health outreach for people with HIV/AIDS, malaria and disabilities
AIDS Orphans Project, Maua Hospital - Projects #140161 - Providing food, tuition, uniforms, shoes and medical care for 1,600 children orphaned by AIDS
3. Maua Hospital - Hospital Service Fund - Projects #09613A - Providing life-saving inpatient healthcare for
the critically ill
Maternal and Child Health Program, Maua Hospital - Projects #140159 - Providing preventative and curative healthcare for pregnant women and young children
5. Maua Hospital, Operational Outreach - Projects #09610A - Implementing primary healthcare in remote villages, while increasing education and awareness                                                                      
The extravagant generosity of people like you means that Kenyans will be healed in the only hospital for miles around, children will have the opportunity to an education, and mothers will be able to stay healthy so they can care for their families. These gifts will reach to the poorest families and give them a new level of life. Help us empower and protect the people we serve in Maua!

I will be in the States until June 2016 and able to answer any questions or concerns you have. I pray that God will put it on your heart to visit Maua or support the many projects through your prayers and donations. Please feel free to contact me at my home in Colorado!

Home phone: 970-568-7195 U. S cell: 281-615-6051
Hope to see you in Fort Worth! Kathie Mann, Mission Partner
Kathie Mann is an Individual Volunteer with the General Board of Global Ministries. If you would like to help with her ministry, please use the Advance Special #982465 and designate her by
􏰀name on your gift. You can donate one of three ways:
On line, by going to www.umcmission.org
Go to: http://tinyurl.com/q3shsnk . Select “GIVE NOW”.
VERY IMPORTANT: Please indicate that your gift be designated for Kathie Mann. Write a check to: The Advance, in the memo put #982465, Kathie Mann. Mail the check to: The Advance, 475 Riverside Drive, Rm 350, New York, New York 10115

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