02 December 2015

Volunteers Needed & Placements Available...Check it out!!

Volunteer Request Forms:
If you are interested in serving as a volunteer site anywhere in the world, you may start the process by  Downloading this Request Form.  The complete form will allow placement specialists to find and match the best volunteer for your mission project. 

If you are interested in volunteering globally in some aspect of health, please review and complete the Global Health Volunteer Request Form so that your skills and gifts may be matched with corresponding needs.

Urgent Volunteer Requests

Grace Children’s Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti needs a project coordinator who would be responsible for reporting the progress of the rebuilding of the hospital and assisting the mission education encounter teams from the United States.  
There is an increasing number of refugees coming into the United States. They are victims of warfare or other forms of persecution, and have physical and emotional trauma.  Many have lost homes and family members. The Mission Volunteers Office has partnered with Church World Service in establishing volunteer placement sites for refugee services throughout the United States.  There are urgent needs for volunteers. 
Contact Malcolm Frazier

Individual Volunteer Opportunities: Health Care



Location:  Maua Methodist Hospital.  It is an outreach ministry of the Methodist Church in Kenya.  It has 275 beds with 20 doctors, including 6 specialists, 5 medical officers (GP), 8 medical officer interns, and 1 dentist. The hospital is a government accredited center for training.
Position:  Dentist/Family Practitioner/General Practitioner
Work description:  Run clinics, guide medical officer and clinical officer interns, participate in morning handover reports, conduct daily ward rounds alongside the specialists and interns
Duration:  At least two months
Estimated monthly living expenses:  $400.  Housing and ground transportation are provided.
Position:  Medical specialist in general surgery, pediatrics, internal medicine, palliative care
Work description:  Conduct ward rounds and specialized clinics, guide and mentor medical officer interns, conduct continuing medical education, participate in daily morning handover reports.
Duration:  At least two months
Estimated monthly living expenses:  $400.  Housing and ground transportation are provided. 


Location:  Camphor Mission Clinic
Position:  Visiting Doctor
Work description:  To teach health professionals, serve alongside personnel in the clinic, midwifery, lab, pharmacy and vaccination programs.
Duration:  At least three months.
Estimated monthly living expenses: TBA.  Housing is provided. 
Location:  The Wealah Mission is 58 miles north of Monrovia in Margibi County.  It has a church, clinic, and school.
Position:  Health Worker
Work description:  To teach health professionals, serve and conduct rounds.  To provide health support for the clinic, midwifery, lab, pharmacy and vaccination programs.
Duration:  At least three months.
Estimated monthly living expenses:  TBA.  Housing is provided. 
Location:  Ganta United Methodist Hospital.  The hospital is a 100-bed facility with two operating rooms. Specialty clinics include a dental clinic, diabetes program, HIV/AIDS program, and an eye clinic. It serves a surrounding rural population of 150,000 people.
Position:  Dentist and instructor for the Dental Nurse Practitioner Program.
Work description:  The volunteer will provide dental care for the patients in the surrounding area, as well as teach in the dental nurse practitioner program.  A dental license is required.
Duration:  At least two months.
Estimated monthly living expenses:  $280 which includes accommodations and meals, plus $280 for ground transportation.


Location:  Mercy Hospital in Kulanda Town, Bo.  Mercy Hospital is a twenty-six bed primary care facility that is staffed by one Sierra Leone doctor and his staff of licensed nurses, community health officers, other staff and volunteers.  Mercy sees over 900 patients a month, regardless of ability to pay.  Mercy is a vital component of the community in Bo, providing emergency care, inpatient and outpatient care, and blood transfusions at the hospital, while at the same time providing community educational programs for HIV/AIDS, malaria, prenatal care, and nutrition, taking the services of Mercy out into the villages to thousands of people every year.  Mercy is a program of the United Methodist Church in Sierra Leone, and is supported by the US non-profit organization Helping Children Worldwide.\
Position:  Health Care Program Assistant
Work Description:  The volunteer will support the programs and activities of the local Sierra Leone staff.  Activities at Mercy will include direct patient care, planning and participating in outreach programs and community-based primary health care, staff training on health care practices, staff training on computers, technology, office administration, developing  record keeping best practices, organization, time management, case management of patients, and other duties as assigned to support the overall function of Mercy Hospital. Health care credentials are required.
Duration: Two months or longer
Estimated monthly living expenses:  $770 which includes hostel type accommodations and meals. 


Location: Methodist Angel House Orphanage and Angel Secondary School.  It is located in Tarime (near Lake Victoria).  The children’s home is home to fifty orphaned and abandoned children, aged three to eighteen.  The secondary school has approximately 200 students.  The ministry is focused on caring for orphaned children and providing an excellent education for the orphans as well as children in the surrounding communities.  Languages spoken are Swahili and English. Knowledge of Swahili is not required.  (see the four positions below
Position:  Nurse
Work description:  To provide health care, medical attention and prevention.  The volunteer will maintain medical records and develop a comprehensive healthcare plan for the project.
Duration:  Six months or more.
Estimated monthly living expense:  $400, which includes housing, meals and ground transportation. 



Location:  Project Salud y Paz.  This is a primary medical/dental clinic and surgery center in the rural highlands community whose focus is on health, healing and education for the people of Guatemala leading into a self-sustaining partnership.  Current programs include three primary healthcare clinics, primary school, “Las Amigas” women’s preventative education program, ongoing education for current staff, coordination of special patient needs, scholarships, multiple short term construction, medical, dental, and surgical mission teams.
Position:  Community Health Specialist
Work description:  Responsibilities include education and health promotion activities for women’s health promotion and illness prevention program, community health fairs, growth and development screenings for school-aged children, maintenance and evaluation of electronic patient documentation system, connecting special patient cases with needed services, management of pharmaceutical services (clinical and rural team medications), initiation of comprehensive chronic illness management/maintenance program (diabetes and hypertension) to include education, and initiation of prenatal evaluation/education program.  The volunteer will average three clinic days per week.
Duration:  At least one year
Estimated monthly living expenses:  $800, which includes accommodations, ground transportation, TV/Internet

Location:  Project Salud y Paz.
:  Medical/Dental Professional Volunteer
Work description
:  To provide clinical services, evaluate and develop medical programs, support clinic operations, assist with seeing patients, manage clinical activities, and work with the pharmacy and laboratory staff.  Some evaluation and training are also expected.  Qualifications include a professional degree and proficiency in Spanish.
:  At least one year, preferably two.
Estimated monthly living expenses
:  $1300, which includes accommodations, meals, ground transportation, health insurance, and utilities.

Health Care Volunteers

If you have specific training or interest in health care, you can go as a health care volunteer to increase community health in a variety of ways around the world. The Health Care Volunteers blog has current information on these opportunities.
- See more at: http://www.umcmission.org/Get-Involved/Volunteer-Opportunities/Types-of-Volunteers/Health-Care-Volunteers/Health-Care-Volunteers#sthash.g6UrXjQo.dpuf

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