27 January 2016

Hesperian Foundation Images Reduced

Health Educators can purchase teaching images from Hesperian's on-line store for half price until 2/15/16.  See Below:

Health educators, community health workers, and teachers know images convey more information more quickly than words alone. 

To help you build your own health materials, all our illustrations are 50% off until February 5th for presentations, brochures, and small print quantities. Choose from over 12,000 illustrations in the Hesperian Image Library for medical drawings, chemical charts, ergonomic diagrams, and clear instructions for tasks like delivering a baby.
Use our images to design flyers and posters, create training manuals and handbooks, and as prompts for group activities. Illustrations that accurately represent all types of people
enable every community to see how they can take charge of
their health.

Enjoy our di
scounted rate until February 5th, or email images@hesperian.org for bulk discounts on images and special licensing for books. 

Visit our Image Library today to develop new health materials for your community!

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