08 February 2016

Hesperian Releases Education Resources on Zika

To help people cope with this disease, Hesperian has rapidly developed emergency information on Zika in English and Spanish, its symptoms, and how to take personal and community-wide precautions to limit its spread.

They are working on translations into Portuguese and Haitian Kreyol to ensure this health information reaches the people who need it most. Please give today to support our translations and updates.

Alarmingly, Zika seems to pose a grave threat of birth defects (microcephaly, or babies born with too small heads) to pregnant women. There also seems to be a relationship to the autoimmune disease Guillain-Barré Syndrome, which can lead to muscle weakness, paralysis, or even death. There is much more to be learned about Zika and the mechanics of its possible relation to these problems.

There are currently no medicines that treat the disease, nor any vaccine to prevent it, but community care and organizing can reduce its spread and impact. Central to Zika prevention efforts is easy access for all women to birth control methods.

Please share our facts sheets in English and Spanish with anyone living in an affected area.

To access this material click on the link, below:

Hesperian Zika Education Tools

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