01 February 2016

Zika Alert for Central & South American Teams

Health related volunteer teams and individuals destined for the Caribbean, Central and South America please remember the following information.

1. The virus is carried by mosquitoes but a person who is bitten may also transmit the virus to another  

2.  Not everyone infected by the virus may have symptoms or appear sick.

3.  Symptoms may include fever, malaise and joint pain.

4.  Pregnant women who are infected may transmit the virus to their fetus, which can cause
     microcephaly in a developing fetus.  Microcephaly is a condition of under development of
     the brain and skull.


1.  Do not go into these high risk areas if you are pregnant.
2.  UMVIM Team Leaders should not take pregnant team members to these areas.
3.  Make sure that every volunteer has an adequate personal supply of repellant.
4.  Teams or individuals serving in these areas should consider conferring with local hosts to see if a
     plan to distribute insect repellant should be included in their service activities.

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